Insulated Glazing Units

The role of glass selection to comply with the Thermal Performance requirements is our concern since Glass plays a unique and important role in building design and the environment. It affects design, appearance, thermal performance and occupant comfort. The selection of the right glass is a crucial component of the design process.

The soaring heat of our Gulf Region demands a glazing system which can offer optimum light control and heat transfer in order to avoid wastage of expensive electricity by minimizing the power consumption required to maintain a stable climatic condition inside the building.

For this, and with a view to enhance the acoustic performance of the system, Alutal for Aluminum & Glass LLC offer double and triple glazing systems to meet specified parameters, using various combinations of Glass.

Best quality spacer tubes, ranging from 6mm to 12mm thickness, moisture absorbing medium and specified double glazing sealants are utilized to make custom built double and triple glazing systems.

The Insulated Glass systems can be of 18, 20, 22, 24, 30, 36 and 42mm thickness, comprising two or more panels of monolithic glass with a dehydrated air space, metal spacer tube filled with desiccant material, hermetically sealed around the periphery. Depending upon the requirement of the site conditions and specification, the panes can be of tempered or laminated glass to improve the overall performance and add the safety dimension.