Applying the capacity Analysis Methodology is assuring our capability to utilize,compute and expand our resources according to the current requirements and projection.


Equipped with the latest fabrication machineries is Maintaining mass production with high Quality Products, our Machinery is including CNC double head cutting Machine( Blitz Alva 500m-Fom Industries) which is the best in the industry, it is capable of cutting multi profiles at the time with ultra-accurate performance can reach up to cutting more than 250 Items(Window or Door) per shift, also Fabrication line is including the crimping machine( Bahia-Fom Industries) which maintains as well the mass production with the best assembly quality, as this machine can take one minute to assemble one unit which make our factory capable of producing huge number of high Quality Product every day.


Our current manpower capacity is above 100 skilled and well trained labor, which also can expand rapidly to fulfill our commitments as per the time requirements and projection, this manpower is managed by superior management and super vision staff whom has been carefully selected from all over the industry through our extensive experience in the past twelve years in the Aluminum and Glass industry.