Aluminium sections offer the luxury of various decorative and protective surface treatments: Anodizing, Powder Coating and Wet Coating Process (e.g. Kynar coating).

Anodized Coating.

The Aluminium section surface can be treated with an electro-chemical surface treatment (a controlled oxidization process) known as anodizing or anodized coating, usually of a thickness of 25 microns. This finish can be in the basic Aluminium color or in a number of shades of bronze or black colors depending upon the choice of the Consultant.

Powder Coating.

This is also an electro-chemical process offering more than 200 different shades to choose from, having a coating thickness of about 80 microns with finishes such as glossy, semi-glossy or textured coating,using polyester or polyurethane powder granules.

Kynar Coating.

This is a wet coating process giving a wide range of color possibilitieswith a dry film thickness of 1.2 to 1.6 mm thickness delivering better abrasion resistance compared to the above Anodized or Powder Coated finishes. Alutal for Aluminium & Glass LLC have a backward integration with the major process houses and surface treatment plants in the U.A.E. to deliver the project in any of the above finishes to the prevailing coating standards, with a guarantee for a specified period.